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Drupaling Downunder

Submitted by donna on 27 November, 2010 - 15:01

Drupal Australia - aussie drupalnutsIn 2007 we made the decision to switch to Drupal from our own collection of in-house LAMP based web content management modules and we've not looked back.  Whilst we've been active members of the Australian Linux and Open Source community for over five years, we are still relatively recent immigrants to the Drupal community.

I've created a new identity for the drupal mob downunder to hang on our page at

Inspired by the iconic work of May Gibbs, an Australian children's book author and illustrator, I bring you, the Aussie DrupalNuts.

We're also sponsoring DrupalDownunder - and I'm very much looking forward to it. I'm also wondering what kind of session I should submit to the call for proposals.

Of course Inkscape is my favourite tool in the world. I used it to create the Aussie DrupalNuts you see pictured here. Would a session on SVG and using Inkscape for Drupal mockups be of interest? What about something more business related?

I just don't feel qualified to talk about Drupal itself - not amongst the Drupal experts I expect to attend the conference. But then again, there were quite a few introductory sessions at DrupalCon in San Francisco earlier this year. I'd expected those sessions to be more challenging, so maybe I'm under estimating myself, or over estimating what people generally want from these sorts of events. Or both.

What do you think? 



I think you're awesome and you should teach me all you know about Drupal and Inkscape and anything else you know more than me about :). I'm sure most people felt there would be people in an audience that knew a lot more than them when they first got up and spoke. I always learn something from a talk and everyone has to start somewhere!


Great to see you working hard bringing (gum)nuts to the public. Hope all else is going well too!