Still here, simply simmering.

Submitted by donna on 17 March, 2018 - 15:06

Creative Contingencies is still here. We're just quietly simmering.

Peter has one major client taking most of his time and attention, whilst attending to the maintenance of CC's systems the rest of the time.

Donna is now working full time with Red Hat - one of the world's great Open Source solution specialists, and attending to CC admin when she can, and when she has to.

Sadly, this means Creative Contingencies is not taking on new clients for the time being.

Happy New Year

Submitted by donna on 1 January, 2016 - 11:49

Good morning 2016.

Look! There's 12 fresh shiny months stretched out before us. They are all filled with the promise of productivity, purpose and progress. 

New year's day is a great day to be reflective about the year ahead. It's not so much about planning, but more about pre-planning.

It's a holiday, so the usual noise of the day to day, go go go, has been hushed. 

I like the ideas in this post on, with tips on achieving more, by doing less.

I especially liked the idea of applying "MED" to everything. 

The “minimum effective dose” (MED) is the lowest dose of a pharmaceutical that spurs a clinically significant change in health or well-being. Look for the MED in everything: work, sleep, meditation, blogging frequency, checking email, school volunteering, homework help, date nights.

May your 2016 be great!


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