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Drupal Give

Creative Contingencies loves Drupal and gives back by contributing code, sponsoring and organising events and sharing knowledge. Find out more about the drupalgive initiative.

Events We've Organised

5 March, 2015 to 7 March, 2015

We did stuff :) Also with big thanks and kudos to PreviousNext who employed Donna for most of the time spent organising DrupalSouth!

13 January, 2012 to 15 January, 2012

More than just another industry event, it’s a shared experience that seeks to inspire and engage. Drupal Downunder in Melbourne for 2012 will feature sessions and panels from some of the most influential people and brightest minds within the local Drupal community.

How We Engage With The Community

Donna Benjamin sits on the board of the Drupal Association. She was elected by the community to fill one of two "At Large" positions in February 2012 and moved into a vacant board position last year. Her term expires in 2015.

Dries Buytaert asked Donna Benjamin to sit on the community working group. It is one of a number of small teams focussed on improving governance structures that support the Drupal project. Donna is currently the chair of the Drupal Community Working Group.

Donna has joined the Sydney volunteer team as Local content lead, and is liaising with the local and global track chairs to work together to create a fantastic conference program for DrupalCon Sydney

Donna Benjamin organised the 2013 Community election, posting announcement blogs, coordinating meet the candidates sessions and liaising with all nominees.

Events We've Sponsored

Saturday, January 22, 2011
Saturday, January 23, 2010
Thursday, October 18, 2012

Modules We've Developed

Output mobile, tablet and desktop URLs to provide device-specific redirects through Varnish on Acquia.

The BCC module injects a BCC header in all e-mails sent by Drupal, which allows you to receive copies of all e-mails sent by your website.

Show local Australian weather forecasts on your Drupal site.

CloudMenu is based on Cumulus but renders link clouds based on menus, not a taxonomy. The module can display any number of differently configured blocks, each with their own menu if need be.

Displays all grants on all nodes in a single table that mirrors the content overview page and offers a few simple filters to help you manage your node access. The node title links directly to the node access tab, for convenient administration.

This module allows you to search for users via text fields in their content profile nodes without requiring search or views.

Add an 'Export CSS' link to your CSS Injector administration page to let you export all CSS as a single formatted stylesheet. Useful for gathering all simple CSS tweaks and adding them to the theme CSS.

Splits each styleheet group into its own template variable.

This distribution provides a Drupal site that is configured for use as a personal blog. A drupal based wordpress, if you will.

This drush plugin performs a text search & replace on all content and content revisions in all text fields and all custom blocks on a Drupal site.

It does this directly in the database, not by loading, editing and then saving entities, so it is very fast.

Displays gravatars with the selected user picture display style applied.

This module looks at the HTTP request being sent to your Drupal instance and will reject it if set criteria are met.

Provides support for the SchoolTube video provider for Embedded Media Field.

Provides support for the Screenr video provider for Embedded Media Field.

Observatory allows amateur astronomers to quickly build a website to log their observations and showcase their astronomical images.

This module stores the URL path for each revision of a node.

Scalable Vector Graphic User Interface widgets for mocking up Drupal sites.

This is a module that allows you to "evaporate" user points from all your users over time, so they need to come back to your site and be active to keep accumulating more points.

This module lists all entries in the {variable} table that cause unwanted PHP notices on production sites. By knowing the offending variable name, you can remove it from the database, making the notice go away.

Provides callback-based access control for Views.

Display exposed filter values as field in your view.

The Webform MySQL Views module builds flattened, read-only MySQL views of Webform submission data. These views may be useful when you need to access this data from an external application in an automated fashion without exporting, importing, or the use of a web-based API.

Webform Node Element is a module that allows you to include node content as markup in a webform without using the PHP input filter.

This module provides a database-independent auto-incrementing number field for webforms.