Creative Contingencies: Plan CC

So, a global pandemic happened. Is happening.

Events - Open Source - Web Services

We are a micro-business dedicated to finding the right solution for our clients. We organise events and deliver services that help people share ideas and build new knowledge. We believe Open Source Software solutions are the answer they've been searching for. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

We facilitate remote and distributed workshops online and continue to help customer share and create new knowledge.

What "Plan C" do you need?

Submitted by donna on 14 August, 2021 - 18:16

The Creative Contingencies team have always worked from home.  We've also collaborated with global teams distributed around the planet, and across time zones.  

Last year, many people unfamiliar with open and distributed ways of working suddenly found themselves carving out space to work in their lounge rooms, at the kitchen table, sometimes even in their kids bedrooms.  It was challenging. It is challenging.


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